Welcome to IIC

Independent Irrigation Consultants, Inc. (IIC) was founded by Mr. Steve Baker after eight years of design experience built upon the best education currently available in the landscape irrigation field. Mr. Baker has been responsible for all types of system design from residential to municipal, from sports complexes and golf courses to master planned communities. As the Director of Irrigation with one of the largest Landscape Architecture firms in San Diego Mr. Baker was responsible for the design of approximately 80 projects per year.

IIC is now in the thirteenth year of business and has completed hundreds of projects, some of which have been quite substantial. IIC has developed and documented many large and specialized projects involving technical water requirement analysis, hydraulic diagnostics, sensing and central control.

IIC remains a young, energetic firm, with excitement and anticipation of a bright future. Irrigation design, irrigation scheduling and water management is becoming more technical as the science of soil, water and plant relationships becomes more prevalent in the landscape industry. As the costs for limited water and power resources increases we foresee a great need for our services. I hope you will see our experience, education and commitment all as benefits to the success of your planned projects.


Promote water conservation with advanced system design techniques, proper installation and on-going water management. Our goal is to anticipate the needs and protect the interests of our clients with a "service first" attitude and up-to-date knowledge.